viernes, octubre 13, 2006


RSC.- Resumen de las noticias transmitidas hoy, viernes 13 de ...
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... Este resultado se desprende del estudio 'Línea de Base sobre Responsabilidad Social Empresarial en Colombia', realizado por el Centro Colombiano de ...
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Alertan en Perú de que los empresarios 'no tienen claro qué es ...
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... no está incorporado en su filosofía empresarial, no es una empresa que se encamine hacia un fin socialmente responsable'. 'La responsabilidad social no es ...


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Cyberhand Technologies International signs the agreement for developing new game controllers for Playstation 3 platform
CALGARY, AB--(MARKET WIRE)--October 16 2006 -- Cyberhand Technologies International, Inc. (Other OTC:CYHD.PK - News), a leading computer peripheral design company specializing in innovative wireless ergonomic products for potential military & private purposes, publish that it signed the agreement for with Logitech International SA , a leading manufacture of computer controllers & keyboards. The company's first product designed specifically for Sony's next-generation gaming platform PS III. With an innovative built-in cooling system designed to keep the hands of gamers cool and dry, the ChillStream controller will be the only gamepad for the platform to offer this exclusive, patented technology.
Cyberhand will upgrade its development laboratory to add full USB control programming and game development sequences in-house. It is anticipated that once the new equipment arrives and is installed that all functionality, sequential and tactical drivers will be created internally. This gives Cyberhand complete control over its product evolution a long with the ability to add upgrades & respond quickly for the newest gaming environment that demand complex programmable tactical sequence routines. The X Series of Controllers are simply the fastest, most comfortable and most responsive game control systems in the world today. The X series will be used in PS III platform under the brand of Logitech. By that agreement Cyberhand Technologies International is going to receive 50 000 000 $ from Logitech International SA for developing that incredible game controller for Playstation 3.
Mr. Burke stated, "Because we have now brought the development process and upgrading capabilities in house, Cyberhand is
better positioned to offer consumers an excellent product with the most up to date software far quicker than the industry

About Cyberhand Technologies International, Inc.

Cyberhand Technologies International, Inc. is a leading computer peripheral design company specializing in innovative wireless ergonomic products for desktop and mobile users. The company manufactures, designs, markets and sells leading edge consumer electronics devices that feature innovative ergonomic designs, advanced software development and technologies that are far superior to other products in the market. Cyberhand is focused on developing products that allow computer, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and Smartphone users the ultimate in mobility, productivity, performance and comfort. The company's initial products include:
-- Ergonomic Computer Mouse Products that eliminate computer-related repetitive stress injuries
-- Computer Game Controllers that are 40% more responsive than competing products
-- Wireless Keyboards for PDAs and Smartphones
-- Related Software Upgrades and other Peripherals such as Keyboards, Cameras and Scanners

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